From Light to Light

Performance by The National Lutheran Choir, David Cherwein, Conductor

score sample

score sample

score sample

score sample

a cappella
14:30 min.

Publisher: MorningStar Press (order online)
Available individually or as a set.

Commissioned by:  The National Lutheran Choir – David Cherwein, Conductor


III. Water – The National Lutheran Choir

IV. Wind – The National Lutheran Choir


From Light to Light
Susan Palo Cherwien

I.  Earth
The heartbeat of God
Whispers to dark earth

II.  Fire
O blesséd earth, o blesséd heat
O stomp, o snap, o soft!
Fire and flame the sinews of my flesh
Dance into the wonder of the earth
O flash, o feet, o form!
Spark! Spring! Song!

III.  Water
My veins the sea
Your tears the sea
If we but knew
Here together apart
To water the earth
To shape, to wear away stone,
To meet, to carry, to be changed
If we but knew
Here to seek the low place
Here to run to the sea

IV.  Wind
Thin this silver cord like wisp of smoke
Mere brush of breath against the face
I know I do not know…
and smile grateful into light
(Mid clouds of myrrh the eagle soars
and hymns the heart of God)
and smile grateful

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